Why are these people all running away from me?

Written By: coreylevitan - Jan• 06•18

Corey Levitan takes Polar Bear Plunge on New Year's Day in La Jolla, Calif. for a story in the La Jolla Light newspaper.

Find out here.

Horse Play: Positioning for Jockey

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 12•17


I sample the first job I may actually be too tall to qualify for, with help from Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens!


Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 12•17

2018-01-25 19.31.35

I try sleeping in the most haunted hotel room in San Diego for Halloween, from the La Jolla Light.

My first taste of San Diego anti-semitism

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 12•17

Of all the reasons someone turns down a ride I offer them, none will be more memorable than “I’m sorry, but I can’t ride in a car with a Jew,” from the San Diego Jewish Journal.

Sea Lion Whisperer

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 12•17

I bring an animal psychic in to try and relocate the pesky La Jolla sea lions, from the La Jolla Light.

Beer & Loathing

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 12•17

Why does craft taste so awful?, from the Saturday Evening Post.

Leaving Las Vegas

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 12•17

Why my wife and I decided to move to San Diego.

Lessons I learned living as a 9-yr.-old for a week

Written By: coreylevitan - Jul• 26•17

2016-06-02-17-53-57Social experiments are kind of my forte. So when my 5-year-old daughter recently started hanging out with the kids in our neighborhood, I decided to join her. But there was a catch: I wanted to be one of them.

My day as a sploshing star for New York magazine

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 12•16

Yes, it’s true. And my mom is so happy I didn’t go to law school like I promised her.

You won’t believe how many I hoaxed with this semen-in-milk story

Written By: coreylevitan - Feb• 01•16

This hoax story
I created about semen in milk caught fire on social media and was featured by Fox News!