I was a professional man-snuggler

Written By: coreylevitan - Jan• 07•16

snuggle buddy.
I cuddled for cash and lived to tell the story in Maxim.

I hired a content farm to write about how content farms are ruining journalism

Written By: coreylevitan - Dec• 16•15

Plus, other ways I tried outsourcing my job and love life.

You’re cordially invited to … my bar mitzvah

Written By: coreylevitan - Oct• 01•15

bar mitzvah verticalSeeking meaning in my failed transition to manhood

When your wife & your ex-girlfriends discuss whether you’ve improved

Written By: coreylevitan - Sep• 09•15

Because. Yes. This. Actually. Happened.

What it’s like when Angelina Jolie comes onto you

Written By: coreylevitan - Aug• 05•15

erase2You’re alone in a room with a 25-year-old Angelina Jolie, and she’s rubbing your crotch with her stockinged bare feet while staring deeply into your eyes. What do you do?


My wife & I try

Written By: coreylevitan - Jul• 17•15

Are we compatible enough for it to recommend us to one another?

My dinner with Facebook strangers

Written By: coreylevitan - Jul• 14•15

eraseWhat happens when you invite all the Facebook friends you’ve never met to dinner?

My shortcomings as a man

Written By: coreylevitan - Jun• 05•15

eraseWhat life is like 65 inches from the ground. (By the way, that’s only 7 inches taller than an official little person.)

Why George Maloof came over for dinner

Written By: coreylevitan - Jun• 05•15


What do you do when you ask a rich celebrity over and he says yes?

Happy Smother’s Day

Written By: coreylevitan - May• 07•15

momMy first official interview with the person behind the voice inside my head.