Video: A grilling from improv pros

Written By: coreylevitan - Apr• 27•15

eraseWatch the brilliant Sin City Improv discuss my writing and then perform a skit based on our interview.

Why I Won’t Even Drink From My Wife’s Glass

Written By: coreylevitan - Apr• 27•15

And what I did about it.

My ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ audition

Written By: coreylevitan - Apr• 27•15

What it’s like to have to whip it out in front of reporters, bloggers and various strangers pointing cell-phone cameras. Click here.

Any schmuck can be an expert, and I prove it

Written By: coreylevitan - Mar• 25•15

free advice 3I’m not an expert in anything. So what’s wrong with people that they lined up to ask me their most confidential personal and professional problems? Click here.

When your date would rather kill herself than finish the date

Written By: coreylevitan - Mar• 25•15

eraseIt hasn’t been a full life if somebody hasn’t hated you enough to sprint 1,000 feet down a 30-degree embankment, filled with loose rocks and cactus and ending at the shoulder of a major freeway, rather than remain inside a car with you. Click here.

The quest to get back my foreskin

Written By: coreylevitan - Mar• 25•15

eraseI consult a company that claims to be able to grow back that which was taken from me without permission. Click here.

Happy anniversary/porn awards, honey!

Written By: coreylevitan - Feb• 05•15

So I take my wife to the AVN porn awards for our anniversary dinner. What could go wrong? Actually, judging by the following sampling of tweets I got reacting to the story, quite a bit, but not like I expected. Thanks, Tasha Reign, for all the new Twitter followers!


Is sperm vegan?

Written By: coreylevitan - Jan• 22•15

One investigation your significant other may find hard to swallow.

My Airbnb family vacation …w/ an unwanted stranger

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 16•14

I thought I scored an Internet bargain. But I never bargained on this guy!

So a naked guy boards a bus

Written By: coreylevitan - Nov• 05•14


bus in the back wideMy surprising investigation into what happens when you wear a naked suit on a public bus.