Who is this A-Hole?


Thanks for asking!

Basically, I’m Dave Barry without any of the pesky fame, wealth or success.

However, I need to stop complaining, especially in my freaking bio. I’ve had many career highlights that even Mr. Barry can’t boast of — such as writing the most popular column in the history of Las Vegas. For "Fear and Loafing," which ran 176 times in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, I sampled a different job every week. I washed the windows at the top of the Stratosphere, go-go danced in a gay bar and delivered a Sunday sermon as a Lutheran minister.

For Men’s Health, rode a public bus in a naked suit, spent an entire day covered from head to toe in sexual lubricant and invited every Facebook friend I don’t know to dinner. 

I’ve also been a fetish porn star for New York Magazine, a man-snuggler for Maxim and attempted several social experiments for Playboy, one of which was so unbelievable, it got be booked as a Howard Stern guest.

I began my career serving as senior editor of the rock magazine Circus, and the Hollywood correspondent for the New York Post, a position that once got me (swear to God) sexually harassed by Angelina Jolie.

These days, I serve as by far the best element of a popular YouTube Live show called Coffee Talk With Adika, on which I interview rock stars, write apology notes with my toes and serve as an all-purpose comedic punching back for host Stefan Adika.

So thanks for stopping by! Make yourself at home, tool around my favorite journalistic exploits and "ooh" and "ahh" at my abject self-degradation.

I've suffered for my work. Now it's your turn. 

BTW, can anyone hook me up with Dave Barry?